Thursday, November 27, 2014

The return to Spain; & Fotos.

Arrived home this evening and was delighted to find my internet was even slower than that of Brittany Ferries. Down to an almost useless 0.1 megas. Against the 10 to 25 megas I'd become used to in the UK.

But the driving from Santander was an absolute delight. There was no rain and the roads were virtually empty. Plus there was the magnificent Cantabrian, Asturian and Galician scenery. Best of all, it was all of 2 hours before the first car was up my backside, with its indicators flashing.

We stopped for lunch in a place offering a tremendous Menu of the Day for €9, served by possibly the most endearing waiter in all of Spain. Another absolute delight. But I can't help feeling the presence of my fluent and pretty (elder) daughter was a factor. Anyway, it's called El Rancho and it's somewhere in Asturias. Quite possibly here.

While this was going on, the Spanish Ministress of Health was resigning over corruption allegations, after many months of denials.

But anyway, here's a foto or two of my daughter, the bride:-

With preparatory champers. And worried look:

En route to the chapel:

Signing the register:

Incidentally, my daughter's new surname is Lomas. Which I shall always write as Lo Más.

Normal service tomorrow.


Anthea said...

Lovely photos, as expected!!!

Portorosa said...

Congratulations to her.
And a big hug for you, Colin.

Colin Davies said...

Thanks, folks.