Saturday, April 25, 2015

Unemployment; Fiesta time; & A coincidence?

The Economist has produced a decent overview of the unemployment situation in Spain. It makes the point that the Spanish - like the Italians (and, indeed, the Iranians) - "have a long tradition of keeping up appearances" which is why "you don't see it on the streets". More here.

For a rather more acerbic take on unemployment here, see this incisive article from Don Quinones, who stresses: "It’s only a matter of time before complacency in Europe turns to fear, and fear to panic." At this point, DQ says, "the sturdiness of Rajoy’s economic miracle and the health of the country’s bailed-out, reorganized, and recapitalized (ha!) banking sector will be truly tested. One fears that both will be found extremely wanting."

The worst unemployment in Spain - and, indeed, in Europe - is down in Andalucia. Not that you'd know it. The end of April sees a huge fiesta down there, where some of them, at least party, as if there really is a tomorrow - "a week-long celebration with flamenco dancing, bullfighting and horse-drawn carriage rides through the streets". More here.

Finally . . . This morning I read a page or two of the autobiography of one of the Rolling Stones, where their first record - 'C'mon' - was mentioned. Then, in a bar at lunchtime, this came on the TV. A coincidence? I think not.

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