Friday, May 22, 2015

Camino snaps: San Pedro de los Rozados - Miranda de Azán.

Go, Jhonnie. Go! 
Church going through a purple patch
An olive tree even older than our combined age.
The first hint of a sign to help us exit the village

Nice house

Nice garden

An apparent 'toro bravo', but lacking 2 essentials.

My knobkerry and an odd monument
Pastoral scene of placid bovines

The one the ladies all liked

Morille at last. After all of 4.2km

Your guess is as good as mine

A field of waving grass. Which waves not for thee.

1 comment:

paideleo said...

A muller de lata debe de ser una antiga mestra do lugar.
Acordeime de ti cando mirei este vídeo da Pontevedra de hai cincuenta anos.

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