Saturday, May 23, 2015

More Camino fotos: Villanueva de Campeán - Zamora

Another bloody church, another bloody stork.

Student heroin.

Stuff Tuscany 1.

Stuff Tuscany 2

Stuff Tuscany 3

The upmarket camino markers of Zamora

Gnomic Xmas trees plantation. And a nice sky.

A virgin and child? A frog? A growth?

Stolen doors?
Young bread. Fields of waving wheat

Hey, Rick.

Three ultra-modern Graces 

Finally . . . An elegante lady presiding over her daughter's First Holy Communion party. As she said, if you can't push the boat out when you're the mother of the star attraction, when can you?


Alfred B. Mittington said...

Xmas trees… You a wino, and you mistake those for Xmas trees...

Colin Davies said...

As if I did. And if I had, I'd bow to your greater experience with the vine and its fruit.