Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More of Zamora and some of Tordesillas.

A church in Zamora
Another church in Zamora
Battlements and old gate of the Zamora walls
Zamora house
The Parador in Zamora
Err . . . A palace away from Pl. Mayor.
Nice modernish block near Pl. Mayor.
Another church, in Pl. Mayor
Galerías in Tordesillas
Pl. Major in Tordesillas
Where the Tordesillas treaty between Spain and Portugal was signed, dividing up the New World under the aegis of the bloody Pope. 1494.
Models of Tordesillas buildings.
Wine bodega in Tordesillas
Where Juana The Mad used to go to church, using a bridge between this building and the royal palace which uses to stand on the right.
Just one of mnay examples of Mudejar art in Tordesillas.
A convent built for rather more than the 9 nuns who remain. If you speak, they brick up your windows. If you speak again, they brick up you.
More Mudejar brickwork from centuries back.
Gothic/Mudejar portal
On top of Juana's church
Corner of same. The river Douro is in the RH corner.
And finally . . . A Mudejar bloody stork. On blue background.

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