Saturday, May 02, 2015

Those funny Spaniards 2; Cash pipes; & A footnote.

Here are few more generalisations which have just fallen off the top of my head about those those funny Spaniards. Not in any order whatsoever:-
  • They bury their dead within 2-3 days.
  • They are very informal, except when they are very formal.
  • They lack antennae and bump into you a lot, if you don't get out of the way.
  • They apologise beautifully, possibly because they get a lot of practice.
  • They have a daily schedule 2 hours behind everyone else's
  • They eat their main meal in the middle of the day, as in pre-industrial Britain.
  • They regard the 'middle of the day' as 2-3pm. Or when they eat.
  • Their shopping hours are, roughly, 9.30-1.30 and 4.30-8.30
  • They don't all have a siesta during 'the dead hour', by any means.
  • They move like sheep to and from the beach, always at the same times of the summer day.
  • They hate to be alone in public, preferring to aggregate - in restaurants, on the beach, on the train, etc.
  • They love talking and are very good at it.
  • They don't read many books. And never alone in public ("He must be friendless").
  • They don't trust anyone except members of their family and very old friends.
  • They believe in the 'personal factor'. It compensates for the absence of trust.
  • They prefer to do business face-to-face.
  • They don't have much of a problem with nepotism and croneyism, at least when it works in their own favour.
  • They don't regard exam cheating or making false insurance claims as much of a sin.
  • They favour tribal politics and are very forgiving of their politicians. "The others are even worse".
  • They look down on the Portuguese
  • They feel looked down on, by the French in particular.
  • They tend not to move far from their place of birth/upbringing.
  • They have a high quality of life.
  • They have a great pride in everything local.
  • They are very independent.
  • And proud.
  • They have a lot of fiestas and are very, very good at organising them. If they employed this attitude to everything else, they would - as they once did - rule the world.
  • They have closer family units than in other societies.
  • They leave the parental home later than in other societies.
  • They are considered 'young' between 18 and 35.
  • They believe they demonstrate more 'solidarity' than other nations.
  • They have a commendable live-and-let-live attitude.
  • They are a lot better drivers than they used to be.
  • They are lax about parking, even on zebra crossings.
  • They take a lot of cocaine. Second only to the Brits.
  • They are getting fatter.
  • They are members of a young society but one which is getting older. Because:
  • They have a very low birth rate. And:
  • They live longer than anyone else in Europe.
  • They are good looking, by and large.
  • They are not as Catholic as they are thought to be, with only c. 20% practising this religion.
  • Despite this, very many of them tick a box on their tax return which permits some of their money to go to the Church.
  • They put broom on their houses and cars on May 1.
  • They don't all enjoy Flamenco.
I hope you weren't looking for consistency and logic.

Finally . . . I was going to say that one thing my daughters would never see - except in a museum - was a 'pneumatic cash carrier' like the wonderful one at our local Co-op. But, astonishingly, they're still in use, in hospitals, for example. Like this one. Now I come to think about it, this may be how the stuff arrives at the counter of the pharmacy I use.

P. S. It seems I have to admit I was joking when I said there's no word in Spanish for 'whisper'. As in, 'They've removed the word gullible from the dictionary. Check it out.'


The Singing Organ-Grinder said...

Haven't you got pneumatic waste disposal in P? If one took lots of notes to the local bank that's how the cashier used to send them to safety, but now it all goes into a hole in the wall, and one doesn't know what happens next.

Colin Davies said...

Err. . . . Dunno. I've seen those brass things on the outside walls but have always assume everthing just fell into the hands of an elf living in vault.

Colin Davies said...

Oh, those waste things. No. Further along the coast in up-and-coming Combarro. But never used it. I guess, unlike the money pipies, there's no comeback of a receipt.