Monday, September 07, 2015

This is a pre-prepared post for one of the days on which I'm wending my way to the UK.

Some more 'funny' female names:-
María Jesús
Kuki (A diminutive)

Male: Jesús

Talking of diminutives . . . I cited the other day the view that Maruja - from María - as a useful Spanish construction. This morning I read of the English word 'Malkyn', which was a diminutive of Mary in the 14th century. It was "a proverbial name for a wanton woman." As in Chaucer's comment about time:-
It wol not come agayn, withouten drede [doubt]
Namoore than wol Malkyne's maydenhede.

Finally . . . Here's several of Pontevedra's closed retail outlets (or 'shops', as they mostly are). I've attached notes to make them (slightly) more interesting:-

The first place I recall closing, in 2007. Fittingly a bank.
And the most recent to close. A bridal gown shop that I had long suspected of being a front for cash-laundering. But what do I know? Now in Vigo.
This is now a shoe shop between the old quarter and the main shopping street. It used to be a bank.
This was a terrific bar, just behind the Peregrina church. It boasted the prettiest waitress in town. Well, the sexiest anyway. I only went there once, in consideration of my heart. 
To my certain knowledge, this place has been 4 different shops in 15 years. Possibly 5. Despite being in a busy street, it's closed yet again. 
This was a branch of the CAM bank, now extinct. At the height of the crazy boom, there was a sign on a building only 50m away saying that it would be another branch of CAM. Needless to day, this didn't happen.
This was my bank - Citibank. Taken over by Banco Pastor, opposite it. Fortunately the pretty young women - Susana and Ariana (next) - were transferred across the street so that I could continue to deal with them.

A domestic goods store I used to patronise, on the way into town. Opposite the stationery store I used to use. Also closed.
A popular café - Gloria - on the edge of the old quarter. Had a facelift a few years ago, which didn't appeal to the gay fraternity which used to meet there. Must have transferred their custom and taken their pink euro with them. Am I allowed to say that?
This was a bank, close to Gloria, which then became a chocolate drinks place. I wasn't surprised to see it close.
Finally, this is the place which hires out bikes, trikes and quikes to kids and bloody adults who should know better. Also close to Gloria. Sadly, it's still open.


Maria said...

Another quirky name - Covadonga, just like the place in Asturias. And I've never heard of Hostia. Not as a name. Expletive, yes. Name, no.

Ferrolano said...

Colin, not too sure what percentage of the shops and similar have closed down in PV but I can tell you that in Ferrol it is 40+% and in the last 20 years, the population has also dropped by 20+%.

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