Monday, October 26, 2015

Cataluña: A modest proposal: Bullfighting; Spain & the EU; & A new Galician facility.

CATALUÑA: The value-for-money Don Quijones says things are getting worse by the minute. Who could disagree? A case study in political incompetence. Details here.
CORRUPTION: Given that most Spaniards accept that all their politicians are corrupt, and that all Spanish politicians seem determined to live up to this expectation, I have a proposal which reflects the widespread belief that the problem is really only one of excess:- Introduce a law under which politicians would be allowed to cream off an index-linked amount - according to seniority - and would only be prosecuted if they exceeded this. I'm sure they'd all abide by this, especially if the max were high enough. Maybe.
BULLFIGHTING: The odds on this surviving into the next century are lengthening, it seems.
SPAIN & THE EU: Being a member, good. Having the euro, bad. It seems. I'm reminded of the sacking years ago of a British politician who said the euro would be exactly what it's turned out to be - "A German racket". And to think the British government was excoriated for predicting there'd be winners and losers because of the one-straightjacket-fits-all assumption.
MY SAMSUNG EARPHONES: I take it all back; wrapping the long lead around your neck really is smart. Provided you put it round the back, not the front, it stops the leads falling to the floor when you take the earpieces out.
FINALLY . . . A NEW FACILITY IN GALICIA: The daughter of an English friend has opened a kennels here. Click here for details:

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