Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cataluña; Zara; Spanglish; & My funny earphones.

CATALUÑA: The police have swooped on 12 civil servants and businessmen, accused of operating a system of illegal commissions used to fund a secessionist political party. If you think that, ahead of December elections, this is a coincidence of timings, you need to get out more.

ZARA: This store is part of the Galician company Inditex. Founded by a  chap born in neighbouring Asturias, this highly successful operation has, says Forbes, made him the richest man in the world. There aren't many fotos of him. Oddly, he doesn't look happy in any of them.

SPANGLISH: Two new examples? 1. "Los jeggings". Some sort of trousers.? 2. "Tratar". To run, jog, trot?

FINALLY . . . SAMSUNG PHONE EARPIECES : A friend assures me 
this isn't a fault and that one lead is designed to be 3 times longer than the other. To allow you to wrap it around your neck, so you don't have leads hanging down your front. But I'm not convinced. Nor by the suggestion it allows you to let a friend listen at the same time as you as you walk.

I have no idea why this text is centred. Or how to change it. Bloody smartphone. Suspect it has something to do with the foto.


Sierra said...

"...If you think that, ahead of December elections, this is a coincidence of timings..."

This week:

Opening of next section of A-54 - Lugo-Santiago autovia
Opening of next section of CG-2.2 - Lugo-Monforte corredor de Galicia
Opening of final section section of A8 - Santander by-pass

You awoke early also?

Colin Davies said...

Yep. Today too. This will go on for a while yet.

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