Thursday, October 15, 2015

Changing Spain: The AVE

CHANGING SPAIN: The rate of change here is not terribly rapid. So it was interesting to read that some supermarkets in Madrid are to be open from 7am to 2am. We should get this here in Galicia in 10 to 15 years' time. 

THE AVE HIGH-SPEED TRAIN: Driving through the mountains of Galicia,  I finally saw some evidence that this mythical beast really is slowing making its way here. Still on track for 2018, I guess. At least a decade late. Meanwhile, it's reported that the AVE will still be losing money in 50 year's time.

POLITICS: Ahead of the December elections, the governing PP party has suffered 2 body blows: The EU has said its pre-election budget is essentially fiction. And the small party with which it will certainly have to seek a coalition has refused to countenance President Rajoy staying in power. In truth, it's hard to believe anybody in the PP actually wants this.

THAT BASILICA : it isn't the first church I've had to pay to get into but it is the first to operate an X-ray machine.

FINALLY: A bit of Spanglish? I saw a sleeveless puffer jacket described as a 'corse'. From 'corset'??


Sierra said...

Slowly, slowly:

Anthea said...

Today I heard an old gent going on at length about the UK being the only country in Europe NOT to have a high speed train. he discounted the little bit that links with the Eurostar. In his opinion we have been left behind. I think he exaggerates about ALL of Europe having high speed trains but it will be interesting to see if Galicia gets them before most of the UK.

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