Thursday, October 15, 2015

Only in Spain? : SP. Nationality: Queen Leticia: & A foto failure:

ONLY IN SPAIN?: At my bank yesterday , there there were 3 people in front of me. The first took only a few minutes but the second took an age. The next customer, sitting beside me, started to mutter and I noted that the woman at the desk was showing a stack of fotos to the 'adviser'. I was quite relaxed but the woman next in line was quietly furious. She'd already waited an hour, she said, and was not impressed by the lack
consideration being shown to her. Nonetheless, when her turn came, she indulged in quite a bit of social chit chat. Everything's relative, I guess.

SPANISH NATIONALITY: As of yesterday, you'll need more time, effort and money to get this. And even when you've qualified for it, you may have to wait a few years before you're actually given it. My friend, the lovely Lucy, has already been waiting for 2 years and probably won't now get to vote in the December elections. The reason offered is that priority is being given to several thousand Sefardi Jews to whom Spain has offered nationality, in compensation for their exile 500 years ago. Lucy is so incensed that she wrote last week to El Pais. Who have yet to print her complaint.

QUEEN LETICIA: There's a cabal of folk in Spain who detest this beautiful - but over-skinny - lady, for one reason or another.  Indeed, they certainly wouldn't regard her as a lady. Rather, they insist she's more free with her favours than the Roman empress famous for her competition with the city's most prolific whore. It takes all sorts. They even have their own web page and Twitter feed, I believe.

FINALLY . . . ANOTHER FOTO FAILURE: Planning a feature on Las Guapas de Pontevedra, I asked a waitress if I could take her foto but was summarily turned down. So I was wrong about young Spanish women. Or perhaps not. When asking her, I realised she was more muttonish than lambish. Miaow.

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