Friday, October 23, 2015

The RC church: The price of bread; Gypsies; & Living/working in Spain.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: Ahead of the December elections, the left-of-centre PSOE party is promising to laicise the constitution and to diminish the role of the church in education. One can only guess at the frantic rearguard action taking place behind the scenes. And the future exhortations from the pulpits to vote PP.

ELECTRICITY: Since 2008 the price of this here has risen by 30 times more than that of bread, to reach the highest level in the EU. It's now double what it was when La Crisis began.  One wonders why.

GYPSIES: I'm sorry I didn't go to Vigo on Wednesday. For I might have witnessed a shoot-out on the motorway between rival gangs of traders. These are always referred to as a "settling of accounts" and this one was between a local clan and an angry one from Zamora. Call me sceptical but I don't expect any convictions.

WI-FI: Hallelujah! I can now get my contracted 3 megas at certain times of the day. This is 6 times more than what I got from Telefonica but less than 10% of that of my regular bar. BTW . . . Telefonica doubled my speed to a magnificent 1 mega after I told them I was moving to another provider.



Q10 said...

As you rightly say Colin, Spain’s electricity has gone up a lot.

Details of 2008 – 2014 Annual Domestic Electricity Prices (p/kWh) in the EU - Including taxes for small consumers are listed in this handy Excel spreadsheet, Click on the “Annual” tab and scroll to Row 41

From that, for your convenience, is a list of %age increases 2008 – 2014 :-

Greece 89.6
Estonia 61.2
Malta 60.1
Spain 59.7
Lithuania 52.4
Slovenia 50.5
Portugal 41.1
Ireland 40.7
UK 38.2
Finland 35.5
Germany 35.4
Latvia 33.6
France 28.4
Cyprus 27.9
Italy 26.8
Romania 22.9
Croatia 21.2
Austria 16.6
Sweden 15.0
Bulgaria 14.1
Denmark 12.1
Poland 9.7
Luxembourg 3.3
Slovakia 1.9
Czech Republic -0.5
Belgium -4.1
Hungary –22.6
Netherlands –41.0

Apparently, the superb Dutch performance is due to their importing cheap power from Norway & Germany (subsidized by these nations’ tax payers) and for ignoring Climate Change by building coal fired power stations, three of which came on stream in 2014. Let’s hear it for the canny Dutch, where windmills are now a thing of the past.

Colin Davies said...

Many thanks for those details, especially the Dutch scene.

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