Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Spanish economy: Car cleaning; Banking; Begging; & More RT gems.

THE SPANISH ECONOMY: For those sceptical of the claim that Spain has the fastest growth rate in the EU, here's the article for you.
In case that doesn't work .  . .

CAR CLEANING: You can't move in the UK without stumbling over an East European outfit eager to valet your car for loose change. Here? Despite Romanians being the top immigrants, there's no sign of any entrepreneurs. Apparently, they seem to prefer to beg. Though it could be the 300 euros tax a month demanded by government whether or not you make a profit.

BANKING: It would be unfair to suggest the takeover of my bank has been smooth and efficient. I made my 4th visit in a week yesterday,  this time to get statements for the last 5 months and to acquire the ability to get stuff on line. On leaving, I was collared by the woman who sat next to me last week, who wanted to complain about, among other things, her business account being transferred to another city.

BEGGING: is there any city in Spain more afflicted by this than Pontevedra? They're even more intrusive now that there  are very few tourists to hassle.

- There's nothing wrong with Russian society but a hell of a lot with US and UK societies.
- The US is hell-bent on expanding its empire.
- Western media isn't free, whereas . . .'
- The US media is controlled by the government and is a tool for achieving US hegemony.
- Russia is doing the right thing in Syria - bombing all 'terrorists' and helping Assad - but no one else is.
- The Russian view that Assad must stay in power is supported by all countries outside the West.
- Russian diplomacy is superb but America's is a disaster.
- The US's year-long bombing campaign has been ineffective whereas Russia's has been a complete success within a matter of days.
- It's a blatant lie that the Russians are bombing civilians in Syria.
- Everyone knows that all western markets and stock exchanges are rigged.

Of course, the one thing we don't get any news on from Russia Today is . . . Russia. One wonders why.

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