Thursday, November 05, 2015

Chinese brand name; Spanish corruption; & Our local scene

THE CHINESE AIRBUS: I see it has LEAP on the engine casing. This is close to LEAR but it's probably just a coincidence.

CORRUPTION: The 'Father of Cataluña' who's accused of siphoning off between 40 and 900m euros has said he's compiled a dossier over the decades which he'll publish if he's jailed. And 'bring down our democracy' in the process. Welcome to the real Spain below all the modern gloss. Of which there's quite a lot.

OUR FLEA MARKET: As mentioned, this has effectively been Shanghaid by gypsies, Romanians and Romanian gypsies. Selling tat even more absolute than that previously on offer. Well, things reached a head last Sunday, when a bar owned asked two policemen to help him move traders from the terrace he'd paid for. Mind your own business, he was told; and then threatened with a 'denuncia' when he remonstrated with the constables. The council has said it plans to move the market out of Veggie Square into an adjoining street, preventing - somehow - the unlicensed newcomers from trading from their blankets on the ground. This show could run and run. Why it's been allowed to get to this point is anyone's guess. Anyway, below might be a foto of 'traders' scouring the bins for attractive rubbish chucked away by colleagues. If not, try my facebook page.

OUR POLICE: Are suing the Audasa company for having the effrontery to charge them for using their roll roads.

FINALLY . . . OUR SHOPS: You heard it first here but now it's front-page news in our main local paper - boarded-up shops now represent more than 20% of our main shopping street. So it came as no surprise when the head of a major consultancy firm recently endorsed my view that the recession is not yet over in at least this neck of the woods. Not good news for the governing PP party ahead of the December general elections.

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Alfred B. Mittington said...

My dear boy, thou speaketh in mysteries…

What Chinese Airbus? And what is the significance of LEAP versus LEAR?

And what, I wonder, is a Roll Road? Even my OED does know of this.


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