Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Grelo/clitoris; Red meat; Road improvements; & New words

MACHINE TRANSLATIONS: We now have an explanation for the rendition of 'grelo' as 'clitoris' in the As Pontes fiesta publicity  - it's an archaic Portuguese slang word for this. The already-angry town council is now furious with  Google and is contemplating a serious letter of complaint. They don't seem very cognizant of their own parsimonious negligence. Their fury arises from the fact that Google was not only ignorant of the meaning of 'grelo' in Gallego but, worse, chose to go with its dubious meaning in its sister/daughter language, Portuguese. With which one can only sympathise. While laughing one's backside off.

RED MEAT: A few questions have arisen about the report of cancer risk associated with this:-
- Is pork really red meat?
- What exactly does 'processed 'mean?
- Are all sausages processed?
- Ditto all chorizos?
- Most importantly, what about jamon?
Until the (right) answers to these questions are forthcoming, Spaniards will continue to laugh in the face of the research and to ignore it. After all, despite eating vast quantities of these, they live longer than anyone else in Europe.

ROADWORKS: The street in which I park before walking across the bridge into town is having its road improved. In common with every such exercise I've witnessed, it will both change the direction of the traffic and reduce the parking places. One would be forgiven for concluding that the council wants to both confuse drivers and to reduce their numbers.

FINALLY . . . THOSE ADS: Instead of more examples - maybe the best/worst tomorrow - here's a list of words I've learnt during this valuable exercise. I can't vouch for the accuracy of my translations. Not all of them appear in on-line dictionaries, of course. Revisions welcome.
Completita - Does everything
Calentona - Randy
Viciosa - Depraved
Viciosisima - Really depraved
Supertipazo - Great figure
Desampanate - Stunning 
Escultural - Statuesque
Carita angelica  - Angelic little face
Esporadica - Sporadic. Occasional.
Indolora - Painless. Can take pain?
Morbida - Soft, delicate
Boca golosa - Inviting mouth
Sin prisas - No hurry
Explosiva - Explosive
Experta principiantes - Expert with beginners
Juguetona - Very playful
Particular - Private individual. Special
Implicadisima - ?? Lit. Very involved
Besucona - Great kisser

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