Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Translations; & Newspaper ads.

MACHINES v. MAN: Native speakers wonder why Spanish organisations don't get their English texts checked by one of them but prefer to use Google. I mention this because a Galician town has just published info on an upcoming gastronomic fiesta in which the word 'grelo' - turnip top - was given as 'clitoris'. And labelled as 'a gastronomic delight typical of Galician cuisine'. 'Since 1981,' it added, 'the festival has made the clitoris one of the star products of the local gastronomy'. NOTE: in the USA, grelos are known as broccoli raab or broccoli rabe. No idea what they resemble.

MORE DIRT: The back pages of our local papers are given over to 3 things: 1. Memorials to the deceased; 2. Small ads; and 3. Dubious ads for services from young women and men. For years I've intended to list some of these. So, here are a quarter of them from yesterday's 'Faro de Vigo', under the heading 'EROTIC MASSAGE'. Enjoy. Or not. Don't proceed if the latter is likely. The rest tomorrow. Maybe.

SEX WITHOUT. Wicked. 43. Separated. Financial problems.
VIGO GIRLS. Our class makes us different. Home visits. Hotels. High class.
MADRID GIRL. Professional masseuse. Beautiful.  20.
20. Express fuck. 24 hours.
OPENING IN CANGAS. Claudia. 25. Slim. Beautiful.
NEAR CORTE INGLES. Alone.  Victoria. 25. Student.
ONLY 20. Qualified masseuse. Affectionate. Superhot.
YOUNG MAN. Masseuse. Only for gentlemen.
MARGARITA. Housewife. Perfect body.
CANGAS. Sara. 25. Gallega. Pure wickedness.
SUSANA. 30. Brunette. Everything. Parties.
ANA. 45. Separated. Financial problems.
18. Starting out. University student. Sofia. Delightful.
MARIA. Argentinean. Massage in bed. Alone.
MATURE LADY. Willing. Lingerie. Large breasts.
MASSEUSE. Total relaxation. Try it. You'll like it.
UNIVERSITY STUDENT. 18. Beautiful. Tiny. Luna.
NEAR CORTE INGLES. Maria. 29. Starting out. Spanish. I am very good.
CANGAS. Tania. 28. Very willing. Visits.

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Maria said...

There is a story around here of a local girl who took out such an ad to better afford university life. Until her father showed up as a client. I have no idea who was more shocked - the girl or the father!