Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More from the Badlands

Facebook, it seems, is considering the banning of pix of bullfighting and hunting because they might upset readers. Well, I'm pretty upset that Facebook keeps ignoring my requests to stop suggesting links and things I don't want but this doesn't seem to bother them. And their response that 'We don't always get things right' just results in hollow laughter.

More seriously. . . The OECD has taken a look at growing wealth inequality in developed and emerging countries and has this to say about Spain:-
  • After tiny Cyprus, Spain is where inequalities have risen the most since Crisis Year 1, 2007.
  • The growth in Spain has be almost 10 times(!!) more than the European average - and 14 times more than in Greece.
  • In 2014, 29% of the Spanish population was at risk of poverty or social exclusion, 2.3 million more people than in 2008 and exceeding the EU average by more than six percentage points.
  • The wealth of the 20 richest people in Spain rose 15% last year, while the assets of the 99% rest fell by the same percentage.
  • There has been a collapse in the average salary in Spain, with a 22% drop since 2007.
  • The presidents of the 35 main listed companies earn 158 times more than the salary of an average worker.
  • Investment from Spain to tax havens rose 2,000% in 2014.
  • Tax evasion is rife in Spain.   
  • Inequalities rose due to a combination of a huge salary gap with a backward tax system that doesn't much burden those who have the most.

At the other end of the taxpayer spectrum, as I've said, is the Modelo 720 law with its humungous fines and penalties for even those ignorant of the unpublicised 2012 measure and innocent of any attempt to defraud the tax office. Pensioners presumed guilty, whether Spanish or foreign residents there.

Oxfam, by the way, called on the next government to make the fight against poverty and tax evasion two of their priorities. Assuming we ever get a new government, of course. And that it doesn't contain any of the rich folk who are responsible for this parlous state of affairs. One wonders what more is necessary for a bloody revolt against the old and the new rich of Spain.

Meanwhile, if you're not poor, here are The Local's 11 reasons why Spain's a great country to live in:
  • The diet
  • The weather
  • The mentality
  • Family
  • The food
  • Best place for mums
  • Highest live expectancy
  • Culture
  • Exercise opportunities
  • Getting outside 
  • Partying/Festivals

See here for one of the last mentioned. And Enjoy!

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