Tuesday, January 19, 2016

More thoughts from the Borderlands.

The Spanish non-Government: The king will this week meet with leaders of the political parties and then nominate a prime minister. Perhaps this will come to something. But probably not. Meanwhile: A majority of Spanish voters oppose holding fresh polls to resolve a political impasse caused by an inconclusive general election last month and want parties to form a coalition government instead, a survey showed on Sunday.

Creature Comfort: In a truly medieval superstitious ceremony in Spain on Sunday, dogs, cats, rabbits and even iguanas, many decked out in colourful sweaters to keep warm, trooped into Spanish churches for a blessing on the Day of Saint Anthony, patron saint of animals. Lord help us! Will these lucky creatures now be healthier and holier, and more assured of an animal heaven? I don't know. But, if dogs have a heaven, there's one thing I know – Old Shep has a wonderful home. Cue tears. Elvis has left the building.

Britain and the EU: Astonishingly, David Cameron is gearing up to paint Britain's relegation to an outer circle of the EU ('Associate Membership') as a negotiating triumph. Can the populace really be that gullible? All the same restrictions on sovereignty but no power. I guess it makes sense to someone. Most obviously to those - both in London and Brussels - who want to keep their salaries and pensions. I know where I'd get a job if I were a young man again.

British assets: My daughter's 2 immediate neighbours – in admittedly larger houses – have 4 and 5 cars respectively. And decent models they are. too This wealth on wheels seems out of sync with their bricks and mortar wealth. Meaning that, a decade or 2 ago, people who could afford this many good cars usually lived in larger houses. An inevitable consequence, I suppose, of a constantly overheated property market. The other factor I can think of is that kids are staying longer at home than they used to, again because of the ever-increasing cost of a first home. So, more and more like the Spanish, in fact. In 20 years' time, British family members will live in smallish flats near to each other and have 5-10 driverless, electric cars per family. Perhaps.

Boobs-R-Us. Or Boobs To Go: Snapped along the high street:-

Finally . . . . Success: You've reached the pinnacle of success as soon as you become uninterested in money, compliments or publicity. Of course, this usually takes money.


Sierra said...

Day trip to Madrid?

As a train buff you may appreciate this (ignore the Lugo reference):


Colin Davies said...

I'll be testing it soon!

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