Sunday, February 14, 2016

As ever.

The Brexit/Flexit: There are understandable concerns here about what will happen to we (unnationalised) expatriates if the UK quits the EU. For anyone who's seriously interested in unfolding events, this is one site you certainly should follow. Especially if you're in the Out camp. Or if you want to understand why the British public now seems to be favouring exit.

Cervantes v. Shakespeare: The Local has possibly taken its list fascination too far with this one claiming the former is better than the latter for a mere 9 reasons. Well, maybe. It rather depends on how you define 'better'. I wonder if The Local features this on its Anglosphere editions. But it's good fun anyway.

Funny Fashion?: A 13 year British girl insists she's a boy and that "All my friends have been accepting of it and many of them are LGBT”. Of course they are. As if the teenage years weren't tough enough without having to face this new challenge. And it's worrying that it gives ammunition to those who believe that homosexuality is always a function of nurture or environment. Which is a natural link into . . .

Russian TV: With everyone in the world – except Assad – criticising Russia for its indiscriminate bombing in Syria, Moscow's RT propaganda channel has cranked into top gear. Everyone's got it wrong, apparently, and – in their ignorant stupidity – are pushing the world towards its third global war. France, we're told this morning, is the latest 'victim' of a Western propaganda war around Syria. It really has to be seen to be (dis)believed and I recommend it for some early morning humour. But nothing could be as funny as “Gorgeous George” Galloway's mutual-admiration interview with Nigel Farage yesterday.

Finally . . . Northern Spain: Some readers may be unaware that the northern third of Spain is not remotely like the arid, brown south of Andalucia, Murcia, etc. Known as 'Green Spain', it's as verdant and as beautiful as any part of the British Isles. Galicia perhaps a little more so. The reason – logically enough – is that we get quite a bit of water from our neighbour, the Atlantic. Or, should I say, a hell of a lot of water in winter. Here in Pontevedra, it's just stopped raining after 7 days of 24 hour precipitation. And you won't be surprised to hear that rivers have been overflowing their banks. Like this one, on my shortcut through The Alba Marshes into town.

Nor will you be shocked to hear there are floods and landfalls all around the region. But, just as I wrote that, the sun came out of the clouds, for the first time in a week. And the bloody thing is right in my eyes as I type. Anyway tomorrow is forecast to be fine, if cold. Onwards and upwards.

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