Saturday, February 13, 2016

Usual mix.

Spanish non-Government: Here's someone's valid comment on the current impasse: Each party is making it as hard as it can for anyone to govern. Ain't that the truth. No political leader seems to have the country's interests at heart. Though this is no great surprise. Meeting with the PSOE leader yesterday, the (outgoing?) PP President even declined to shake hands. Instead he made the nervous gesture he's so often pictured resorting to - doing up the buttons on his jacket. See here.

Corruption: A nice cartoon:-

What's happened to the Osborne bull? They decided this was more typically Spanish.
Spanish Employment: Talking to the owner of my regular bar yesterday, he confirmed that many employees are openly paid below the legal minimum. Or are officially employed for half the hours they actually work, so that social security payments can be halved. On cue, the OCDE says that Spain has one of the worst ‘quality of jobs’ rates of its 32 member states. Nearly six million wage earners are paid less than the minimum wage, it says. Why?

Spanish Surnames: The Dutch painter, Bosch, becomes Bosco here. Why? Do we call El Greco 'The Greek'?

Driving in Spain: I'm always amused when approaching a junction, signalling a right turn and a car coming from the right waits until I've actually turned before pulling out. Given how wrong or non-existent signals are here, this is a wise policy. Be warned if you're new to driving here.

Changing English: It seems that 'To disappear' has become a transitive verb. As in: Last year,165 people were forcibly disappeared - on Sky News this morning. In Egypt, by the way. Can't say I like it. With luck, it won't survive the ebb and flow of the continuous development of English.

Cuban Religious Get-together: The Pope and the Eastern Patriarch have met for the first time since the 11th century schism. So, a thousand years of ignoring each other, despite being the major Christian leaders. And Charity beginning at home. The Pope has said it was the will of God that they met. Took His/Her bloody time. Though this might well be a concept unfamiliar to Him/Her.

Galicia News

  • There are 120,000 cars driving around the region without insurance. Surely it would be easy to identify these with the right IT.
  • Someone told me years ago that When they're odd, Galicians are really, really odd. This might well be evidence of the veracity of this allegation.
More calves: I find it hard to believe the bulls had enough energy to mount the cows. Says something about the sex drive, I guess.

Finally . . . Some practical advice. I hate DIY but am reasonably competent around the house. Though nowhere near as competent as (odious) friends who can build entire houses from scratch. Anyway, for anyone starting out, here are 2 things I find immensely useful around the house. And car:-

  1. Wood glue, and
  2. Black electrical tape.
You wouldn't believe how often I use them. But, then, I do have a black, scratchful car.

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