Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ponters Pensées 17.4.16

Spanish Corruption:
  • I heard in a podcast that “extremely corrupt” Mexico has a 'submerged economy” of 10% of GDP. Spain's is generally reckoned to be 20-25%. The implications?
  • A comment I read early this morning, about Russia and the Panama Papers: What was telling were the very different attitudes to other people’s wealth around the world. Russians wouldn’t want a pitiless despot who wasn’t bloatedly rich. How could you trust a man who wanted power but not money? That would be worse than immoral — that would be un-Russian. So, what amounts to being un-Spanish, in this regard? A politician who doesn't have very sticky fingers?

Criticising Spain: As you well know, I'm not given to merely criticising Spain and the Spanish, though I do have the occasional problem that stops life here from being perfect. The fiercest critics, as in any country, are those who return from a stint abroad. This is known as 'reverse culture shock' and there's something about it here.

Modern Architecture: Remember that restored castle that was almost as funny as the restored Jesus? Did you, despite the laughter, admire it? Well, your take has been endorsed by the architectural 'community'. It's been given some sort of award. See here. It takes all sorts.

Moscow's RT Propaganda TV Channel: Quotes of the Week: 
  • Russian aggression is a myth.
  • Syria is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, with the latter supported by the USA so then can sell arms to the latter. But no mention of the recent delivery of medium-long range missiles to Iran

Life in Ponters: I've mentioned the Thursday night curry lesson for my lovely neighbour, Ester. But I didn't reveal that the evening was an hilarious farce, centred on Ester trying to both listen to and disagree with me, while at the same time cleaning - or throwing out - every thing she could lay her hands on. And using the amount of water, electricity and washing-up liquid I'd take a month to consume. Anyway, it was witnessed by my rather-less-frenetic friend, Elena, who yesterday suggested the interaction between me and Ester would make an excellent TV sitcom. And she might be right. So, I'm pondering it.

Finally . . . Home News:

  • It's also a bad morning when you tip the coffee beans into the grinder without having taken the lid off the latter. Boy, those little buggers can roll!
  • The daffs finally came out. But they're rather pathetic, having been battered by last night's storms. 
  • In compensation, my neighbours' lilly has made its annual poke through our joint fence.

  • A Sunday morning meteorological miracle. The weather conditions produced a thin stream of cloud only metres above the river. I'm hoping Google Photos will give me a panorama of this but here, for now, is my attempt at this.

How about that! Google Photos came through just now . . . Wonderful. I forgive them everything!


Perry said...

Seems you got your wish. Astounding precognition.

Perry said...

I remember your comment some months back, about the Spanish woman who was heavily fined for photographing a Guardia Civil vehicle uncivilly parked. Well, that doesn't happen in Nottingham!

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