Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Coastal Camino: Day 7

This was the final day of this camino and it had a curate's egg quality about it - good in parts.

After noting that the first half of the walk was exceptionally tough - essentially because of a long climb and a steep descent - we opted to join our bags in a taxi we'd hired to take them to Gijón and to get out half-way, in Peón. And this is how I came to chat with the fastest-talking taxista in Spain and to get his strong endorsement of a decision to buy one of those new bikes with a motor hidden in one of the struts.

Before leaving Villaviciosa, we breakfasted comprehensively in a charming café, courtesy of the hotel :

Setting off from Peón, we immediately came across this place, which might or might not have something to do with cider.

And then this charming example of the Asturian version of the Galician horreo, or corn store.

Soon, though, we were climbing once again, the reward being wonderful views of the Peón valley that we'd left behind. Though the camera doesn't really do justice to it:

These are fotos taken to try to give an idea of the gradient but, as with the valley, the camera fails to spell out the truth. In fact, it can be hard to tell whether the slope is going up or down! I suppose it's both; 


It wasn't long before we hit traditional Asturian paths - steep and strewn with rocks and mud:

The Black Hole of Asturias:

But the summit offered us a bar-cum-shop and that rare Spanish sight, a TV that isn't switched on and blaring:

A charming little home which might not be as old as it looks:

Ditto this fountain next to it:

 An old folks' home we're thinking of signing up for, near Gijón

A short shower gave me the opportunity to don a rain cape I'd carried on 6 caminos but never before had to use. It's been described by a friend as a red condom. My excuse is that it was given to me by a gay friend:

After a pleasant 3 hours or so - tainted only by the said shower - we arrived in Gijón. And so to lunch and a siesta. Followed by a brief tour of the city's small old quarter. But not the Roman baths, because these had just closed. En route to the casco viejo, we passed this fine building. Naturally now a bank:

Old quarter stuff:

The town hall

Today, we're off to Oviedo for another bit of sightseeing. Then, tomorrow, it's back to a world of elections and Brexits. And others of life's nonsenses.

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