Monday, August 01, 2016

Pontevedra Pensées: 1.8.16

Just when I need my fingers to be at their best for this tiny keyboard on my phone, I manage to pour superglue over them . . . Hey ho.

 Cronyism: David Cameron is in hot water for proposing gongs for his mates and family retainers. Here in Spain, the definition of cronyism is rather wider than this, and has a very long history. Alongside its cousin, nepotism. And hardly anyone thinks it's worth complaining about either of them.

Brexit: I continue to enjoy articles from Spanish commentators on this. The latest, in yesterday's 'El País', claims it's not so much an exit but a flight from both Europe and the modern world. Well, maybe. The columnist's qualification for this observation is that he's a 'writer'

Galician Tourism: This is clearly on the up and up and those in charge are naturally ecstatic. One of the leading lights was quoted yesterday as saying that the Xunta is planning to coordinate our 3 airports, to ensure no foreigner is deprived of the opportunity to fly here. I first heard this 15 years ago. Meanwhile, this ship has sailed, mate. Take a trip to Oporto's terrific newish airport if you want proof of this.

Which reminds me . . .

Spanish Localism: Here's a nice comment I read yesterday: "The people of Tossa insisted to me that Franco's attack on Madrid was just a prelude to his real intention, which was to capture Tossa"

 Pontevedra Guide: The Xunta has issued a fine 142-page glossy guide to our province. Every town and many villages get at least a page each. I've flicked through it but so far haven't found any of the words drogas, narcotrafico and narco. Which is odd, given how much of the local wealth is generated by this industry.

Which reminds me . . .

Finally . . . Our Classy Beggars: The young, moribund chap who chats to me came up with a new line last night: "Can you give me 2 euros to buy methodone?". I said I didn't believe him but still gave him a euro. Going soft in my old age.


I don't think I've ever posted this bit of graffiti . . . .


Sierra said...

Brexit - Interesting discussion on BBC Radio 4 this morning on the "The EU Referendum and the English Reformation" - the parallels, how long it took to finalise, and, perhaps worryingly, the Civil War that followed

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