Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ponters Pensées: 31.7.16

Even more frustration today but, hey ho. Duty calls.

Excellent News: Since I came here in 2000, road deaths have plummeted by more than 75%. I imagine this is pure coincidence.

Spain and the EU: Don Quijones points out that it was Germany who forced leniency for Spain over its chronic failure to meet the deficit. "Does this rare act of benevolence from Germany represent a genuine shift in policy toward the Eurozone’s Club Med members or is it merely an act of p olitical expedience?", he/she asks. See below for the answer, as it won't paste here. Beyond me.

Moscow Propaganda: "Russia has ramped up spending on foreign information 'black ops' by more than 100m pounds". You have been warned.

Pontevedra Politics: In 1952, in what was presumably an act of supreme brown-nosing, the Pontevedra provincial government made Franco its Perpetual President. Yesterday, they finally got round to dethroning him. Perhaps they had to wait this long to be sure of unanimity.

Finally . . . Sheep People. Every summer there are huge traffic jams at the bottom of my hill, as the city dwellers exit en masse for the beaches along the coast. Or for their summer holiday home 15km away (Sic). Sitting in one of the jams is bad enough but imagine how annoyed one/I can get when you can't get into town because the great majority of Spanish drivers are too whatever to leave a gap for crossing traffic. The problem of jams is so bad the council is talking about a new parallel road to ease the chaos. This is madness. For, only a few years ago, they built a new bridge to take city traffic to a new via rapida to the coast road some way out of the city. And they signposted all traffic this way. As far as i can see, though, I am the only person to use this route. To go home, in fact. Much to the astonishment of my neighbour, the lovely Ester. Anyway, here's a foto of the stationary cars on the relevant bridge yesterday. And another of the empty parallel bridge.


I finally found how to post fotos via my phone. So, here are snaps of the Slow City Hostel and one of its owners, Jorge. You won't believe how much trouble I've had including these . .

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