Monday, December 26, 2016

Pontevedra Pensées: 26.12.16

As I regularly say, the headline numbers for the Spanish economy compare very well with those of nearly all her EU partners but things are not at all great below this surface. Here's Don Quijote with some cold water. If there's one thing I'm sure everyone here can agree on, since the boom and bust of 2002 to 2011, life here has got a lot more 'petty', as the government squeezes the lower and middle classes in search of greater revenue and more savings-via-austerity. In short, Spain is not the country it was only 10 years ago. Though it still has its pluses, of course.

For example . . . New high-tech speed cameras are being rolled out across Spain to keep a closer watch on the country’s drivers. As well as detecting if a seatbelt is being worn, the cameras will also be able to check cars’ ITV [annual service] details as well as checking road safety. The first of the new ‘smart-surveillance’ cameras has been installed on the motorway between Torre del Mar and Velez-Malaga. With any luck, this might mean that all those bastards driving around Galicia without insurance might just get caught. Meaning a reduction in the highest premiums in Spain. Perhaps. 

As for the specifics of the deficit, the Bank of Spain has admitted - to no one's surprise, I guess - that the EU maximum of 3% will continue to be breached for years to come. But will any fines be imposed? My guess is not . . . So, what is the point of them?, you might ask.

And the banks are deep in dudu, thanks to an EU court decision.

But at least tourism is booming, no? Well, certainly at the moment but some see clouds on the horizon.

Nonetheless . . .  Have a lovely Boxing Day and a great 2017!

Meanwhile . . . Today's cartoon . . .

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