Friday, February 03, 2017

Pontevedra Pensées: 3.2.17

As someone who has never been able to grasp why there are at least 4 police forces operating in Pontevedra city, I welcomed this article from The Olive Press. I must read it later today, on the train to London. En passant . . . I've seen, more than once, cars from 3 or 4 forces attending the same incident in the city.

A Madrid think-tank recently jet-sprayed the notion of a changed Spanish work timetable with iced water. Against that, most of the Spanish adult population are said to think it's a great idea to get with the rest of the world and to have a short lunch break and finish work at 6pm. So who's right?

I've mentioned the rivalry between the 2 grande légumes of the newish, very-leftish Spanish political party, Podemos. One of whom looks about 14. Anyway, here's The Local's take on this. More reading for later.

A couple more lists from said Local:-

And here's a commentary on those horrendous increases in electricity prices.

Up in Galicia, some bigwig has promised that the AVE high-speed train to Madrid will be operating in "2019", and not – as previously forecast – by 31.12.18. However, someone else has pointed out this doesn't include a particularly difficult stretch and, like me, has suggested the real date is likely to be during the 2020s. Possibly. My thanks to Sierra for this (unsurprising) info.

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