Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Thoughts from near Manchester, England: 4.12.18

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable.
- Christopher Howse: A Pilgrim in Spain. 

If you've arrived here because of an interest in Galicia or Pontevedra, see my web page here. Garish but informative.

Matters English
  • I wrote yesterday that I expected 5 sets of roadworks on the M6. This turned out to be wrong, in that most of the journey was one single roadwork that went for many, many miles - all connected with making the M6 a 'smart motorway'. Which might well take another 10 years.
  • But . . . I was lucky to be on the northbound side of the M6; traffic heading south was hardly moving for much of the time.
  • As I neared my younger daughter's house in Heald Green, I realised that the road layout after the airport had changed and my usual left turn wasn't available. And then it struck me – I was actually on the airport end of the infamous A555! Imagine my excitement!
  • So, has a myth been well and truly busted? The self-congratulatory one about Spain being so different from all other Western EU states in lacking a right-wing populist party/movement/ tendency. Tellingly, Vox ran with a manifesto that didn't include any specific plans for the region, but rather a list of changes it wants to see across the whole country.
  • Here's El PaĆ­s on said policies, in English.
  • And here, here, and here are less heavyweight journals on the advance of the far-right.
  • BTW  . . . I suspect I'm not the only person in Spain struggling with the concept of a party being more right-wing than the PP. Or even the 'centrist' Ciudadanos party at its most extreme.
  • It's surely time for someone to write a book entitled Ghosts of Spain? Oh, yes, they already did . . . Though that one is about Spain's 'hidden past', not its now-not-so-hidden present.
  • Here's how Brits might be affected by the Andalucian catalclsym.
  • Finally, here's the perspective of the British Left.
  • On a lighter note . . .  Shopping in Spanish markets. Someone claims it's enjoyable, here.
  • Interestingly . . . According to the European court of justice's Advocate General, the UK can unilaterally abandon the article 50 process under which the UK gave 2 years notice that it intended to leave the EU. In other words, there'd be no need to get the unanimous agreement of the other 27 states. So, more wind in the sails of those determined to stop the Brexit, with or without a second divisive referendum. We now await the formal judgement of the ECJ along these lines. And the political consequences. Armageddon looms.
Finally . . .
  • Having driven for many hours on Sunday and Monday, the last thing I needed in the early hours of today was 2 tearful grandkids. But they were delightful this morning. So I stayed the execution.
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Perry said...

Seems eminently sensible to me:

No to immigration. The party plans to “control immigration flows depending on the needs of our national economy and of the new arrivals’ ability to integrate into Spanish society and accept our values. There will be country quotas with favourable treatment for nationalities who share our language and who have significant cultural and friendship ties with Spain.” As for illegal immigrants, Vox wants to deport them all and to go after non-profit groups that help them get to Spain. If a migrant still manages to enter the country illegally, he or she will “be permanently ineligible for legal status, and thus ineligible for any form of state aid.” Years of residency will not be considered an acceptable cause for naturalisation.

Brexit: That's great plan. We abandon the article 50 process; dump T. May & her fellow Remoaners, implement Flexcit & activate the article 50 process again. In that manner, we have another 2 years to negotiate the EU round to our way of thinking. By mid 2021, Macron & Merkle will be long gone & as we all know, the Euro will have devastated most of economies of the other 27 members.

Sam Anderson said...
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