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Thoughts from Heald Green, Cheshire, England: 5.10.19

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable.   
                  Christopher Howse: A Pilgrim in Spain
The Spanish Economy
Spanish Life 
Galicia/Pontevedra Life
  • It comes to something when 5 Guardia Civil officers are arrested for involvement in our local drug smuggling operations. But at least some police must be doing their job properly.
The UK
  • Two conversations yesterday:-
1. At the pay desk of the department store:-
Me: Oh, hell. I've left my UK credit card at the house and I don't want to pay with my Spanish card in euros.
Employee: You can pay in pounds, if you want, with your Spanish card.
Me: No, I can't. That's called Dynamic Currency Conversion and it's a con. Even if you quote me now in pounds, I will still have to pay in euros in Spain. And at a worse rate of exchange. I'll come back later with my UK card.

2. At the Costa 'drive through' kiosk at a motorway services station:-
Son-in.law: Can I have a white coffee, please?
Employee: No, sir.
S-i-L: Why? Have you run out of coffee?
Employee: No, sir. It's because you're not in a vehicle.
S-i-L: But my car's there, in the parking bay, where my wife's feeding the baby.
Employee: Yes, but I can't give you a coffee because you're not in a vehicle.
S-i-L: Are you having a laugh?
Employee: No, sir.
  • My thanks to Eamon in La Coruña for the  copy below of the NHS letter to Brits resident in Spain with access to healthcare here. I guess mine is in the mail.
  • This is my daughter's meal plan for this week. It struck me that, with the exception of the pork and chicken dishes, my mother would not have recognised any of the items. Things have changed in the world of British cooking, making the traditional criticisms obsolete. At least as regards the middle class:-

  • Words of the Day: Forty of the most beautiful words in Castellano offered by Cultura Inquieta here.  
  • The post-funeral lunch was at this 5 star hotel. It was originally called Bidston Court, when it was in a different place nearby. Over 2 years it was was moved brick by brick and panel by panel to its current location. Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany later wanted to buy it and, after he'd failed to, he built this famous place in Potsdam, in a similar Tudor style.
  • At the funeral Mass yesterday, there were 8 priests, a bishop, and a monsignor on the altar. Plus another priest in the pews. So, 11 clerics in all. And a 12th - another bishop - had sent his apologies. Possibly the most 'Catholic' event I've ever attended. And I've been to quite a few! Ironically, the deceased was not particularly pious. Unlike the organiser.

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