Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Thoughts from Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain: 26.7.20

Night’s candles are burnt out, and jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops.

    Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable.  

    - Christopher house:’ A Pilgrim in Spain’*

    Living La Vida Normal  

    • Well, the machine did let me board the plane to Madrid, where my immediate problem was finding the Uber car which my daughter had insisted I take in preference to the metro. Rather hotter here than in the Netherlands, of course.  40 v 27. Which didn’t do anything to ease my frustration,
    • Back at the boarding gate, I suddenly felt I was back home in Galicia. The guy next to me talked trivia for at least half an hour to someone in Spain. Loudly, of course. As if no one else was there . . .
    • On the - totally packed - plane, all were dutifully wearing masks. And filling in the Covid-related form they hadn’t done on-line. But this chap took things 2 stages further:-

Medical grade mask, vertical plastic face mask and a plastic body sheath covering him from head to knees. ‘Belt and braces’ doesn’t quite describe it.
    • Taking his foto without his permission is probably illegal in Spain but, if you’re prepared to be seen in public like that, you’re probably not too worried about being widely seen on the net. Especially as his face isn’t shown.
    • In a development which might well help the Spanish government improve its traditionally low tax take, payment by card is slowly taking over from cash. Maybe in a few years time, you’ll be arrested for simply having cash on your person, as a suspect drug trafficker. Or even just a petty crook. Though the article writer opines that: Spain is not going to become a completely cashless society for at least another generation or two. Or 30 to 60 years.
    • My daughters have long told me I don’t know how to recognise a ‘handsome’ man. So, I guess it’s logical that I wouldn’t grant this accolade to Spain’s ‘Hombre Mas Guapo’. Judge for yourself here. I find him spooky . . .
    • María’s Chronicle Days 42 and 43. The expensive madness of Spanish First Communions.  

    The UK

    • As the government introduces a campaign against obesity, someone has had the courage to ask an un-voiced question: If we must be slim, why are so many nurses fat? Stand by for the tempest.


    • Three more refranes:-  

    - Nothing succeeds like success: El éxito llama al éxito.

    - Old friends and old wine and old gold are the best: Amigo y vino, el mas antiguo.

    - Once a thief, always a thief: Quien roba una vez roba diez.

    Finally . . 

    • I think I mentioned that the plastic cover on your bank card contains all the data, not the card itself. And now I can tell you that it’s possible to superglue the plastic back on. Assuming you’ve kept it . . .

* A terrible book, by the way. Don't be tempted to buy it, unless you're a very religious Protestant.

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