Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here’s a couple of views of another tuning from my neck of the woods. I’d forgotten there were three. I’m still looking for the orange one . . .

And here’s a snap of the sort of shop I hate, even though it does prove that money (and possibly even intelligence) is no barrier to bad taste. Some Spanish families – especially of nouveaux riches pijos – love to dress their many kids in matching outfits bought from places like this. From the teenager down to the baby. They should all be shot.

And, finally, here’s a birthday card from my younger daughter. It came with the inscription – “This is inspired by your choice of women . . .”. Nice, eh? I guess she was excluding her mother. But who really knows?


Ferrolano said...

It sounds as if “felicitaciones” are in order, and that being the case, Happy Birthday Colin, and many more of them.

Maria, give the man another glass of vino!

Colin said...

Thanks, F. Well, it was last week actually. The ladies (to whom I am exotic!!)already show quite some generosity with both the wine and the tapas - how can I ever leave here? - and the wine I take is a reserve Rioja. Used to be Ondarre but they've recently changed it. I'll check today.