Friday, March 23, 2012

The Spanish consumers' association has chosen Movistar (Telefónica as was) as this year's Worst Company. Something which they'll certainly shrug off, thus proving how valid the award is. The other contenders were Bankia, CAM (another bank), Ryanair and Vodaphone, which was the runner up. I suspect this won't go down well with the British parent.

Which reminds me . . . My UK mobile is from O2, Telefónica's British operator. Well, they have a shop in the high street. Anyway, they bombard me with messages, today's being that I could get a free cup of coffee at Nero's. Apparently they don't know I've taken a lifetime vow never to go in a place which charges two pounds fifty for a cup of milk with some coffee grinds in.

BBC News today had an item about a performance of La Traviata down in Sydney, Australia. This is taking place on a platform in the harbour and the dress rehearsal last night was unfortunately hit by a rainstorm. The BBC announcer described this as 'one of the perils of performing on water.' As if they'd have kept bone dry if they'd been on land. Perhaps they were confusing a rainstorm with a tidal wave.

Public Service Section

The other day I mentioned Jonathan Swift's A modest Proposal. This (in)famous tract can be downloaded as a free ebook from here.

A week or two ago, I reported that there was going to be a coach tour of London's ring road, the unloved M25. If you've got absolutely nothing else to do, you can read a description of this here.

If you have a keen sense of humour (and enjoy Cat Stevens), then you'll love the 1971 film Harold and Maude. This flopped back then but has since become a cult movie. Despite this, I highly recommend it. 

Finally . . . It being Friday, here's Alfie, carrying out a culinary threat.


Diego said...

On Movistar and Vodafone i have no doubt they deserve the honor, I am in the midle of two quarrels with both of them, of course neither is my fault.

One of the reasons for being on that list is the total lack of solutions to your problems when you call the help line to complain they screwed up.

They are always right and that is the end of the story, i am actually going to consumo and the industry department with my complaints.

Colin said...

Good luck, Diego. I went the Consumo against and won. After I'd ended my contract, they sent me a bill which they never justified. Finally, they just withdrew it. No explanation.