Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Football special; & The lovely Letizia.

Watching England play their final (poor) match tonight and listening to the commentators, I've been forced to conclude (again) that the problem is not lack of skill or 'technique' but a dearth of intelligence. As I've said, we should ban rugby and cricket and force the middle class to play football in greater numbers.

As for the commentators . . . Andy Townsend on ITV displays a stellar ability to tell us what we've just seen and what we already know. He'd be superfluous even on the radio. I hate to think what he's being paid for this, just because he used to be a player. The BBC commentator, on the other hand, specialises in trivia which even a train-spotter would find beyond boring.

But it's good to see that, while holding off on goal-line technology for at least a decade, FIFA have been able to come up with the expedient of spraying foam on the pitch so as to ensure defenders stay 10 yards/metres off the ball at a free kick. Something which could have been done in the first World Cup 84 years ago.

The FIFA rankings going into this World Cup are a thing of wonder. France was at 16, below England at 11 and Switzerland(!) and Belgium at 8 and 12, respectively. Even the USA was ranked higher than France, at 14. Whatever system they have is clearly unreliable. Sadly, though, Spain's number one position now looks precarious.

Finally . . . For whose with Spanish who want to see a hatchet job on the new Spanish queen, Letizia, here you go. Me, I couldn't care less what she used to be or do. She's very decorative and that's all that's required of modern monarchs. That's why Queen Elizabeth wears those hats.

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