Saturday, July 18, 2015

Don Quixote airport; Gay marriage; Maleting; Women!; & Coincidences.

Choose your headline:
  • Chinese firm buys Ciudad Real airport for €10,000
  • British investors buy Spain's Don Quixote [Ciudad Real] airport for just £7,000
The airport cost €1billion and was offered in 2010 at the distress-sale price of €80 million - to total silence. The truth is it's been bought by a group of British and Asian investors, Tzaneen International. They're said to be planning to invest up to €100m in developing it as the main entry point for Chinese companies into Europe. Right now, it seems, they have the €10k but not the €100m. Could be fun.

Gay marriage: This is a brilliant podcast on the reaction of US Christians to this development there. I find it impossible to see how any reasonable person could disagree with it. But, of course, some do. Because the Bible tells them to.

A new Spanish word: Maleting. This is pulling a suitcase while on a motorbike or scooter. Presumably as the passenger. It comes from the word maleta, or 'suitcase'. Plus the very non-Spanish 'ing'.

Women are funny creatures. My lovely neighbour, Esther, is always telling me what's wrong in my house. Last night she came to dinner with a friend and straitened a small pile of books on the dining table. Later she told me my TV should be a bit higher. And, trespassing into a kitchen in which everything had been tidied up except a couple of utensils, she exclaimed "Isn't that typical of a man's kitchen!". It's a good job I'm fond of her.

And then there's the other female visitor who asked me why there was a old wok in my front garden, when it was perfectly obvious, I would have thought, that I was using it to ladle water from a butt onto my sun-soaked plants and bushes.

Finally . . . Two odd coincidences on one evening. 1. Walking across the bridge into town, I looked sideways for no good reason and saw the car passing me was being driven by said Esther. Telepathy? 2. Sitting alone at a table in the Savoy café, I wondered why people didn't share tables when places are full. A few minutes later 3 ladies asked me if they could sit at my table. Two Mexicans and one German, they were doing the camino to Santiago. The latter tricked me into believing they were staying at the pilgrims' hostel and had to be back before they locked the doors at 10pm. That old German humour again!

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