Friday, July 17, 2015

Odd headline; Patience runs out at the doctor's; Germans on and in Greece; & A funny seagull.

A fascinating headline, raising all sorts of questions: Pamplona fest ends with no fatal gorings; man dies elsewhere.

I went to see my doctor today, to talk about problems in getting a prescription filled. The time of my appointment, as ever, was an unusual one - 10.46. But I got there 5 minutes early as I knew 10 of us would have been given the same time and there was just a chance I'd be first. To my surprise, the waiting area was jam-packed. And there was no sign of doctor activity. What usually happens is that each doctor emerges after a consultation to call out the name of the next patient. Some of the doctors post a list on the wall and there was one such available. But my name wasn't on it. After a while, doctor activity began and patients started going into their offices. I couldn't help but notice that the substitute (female) doctor for my doctor had turned into a male but I wasn't too worried about that. What did concern me was that my name wasn't being called by any of the 3 doctors on duty. And what amused me was that every time one of them called out 3 names, no one responded. So, a 100% no-show record. After an hour or so of this surreal farce, I decided to leave and ask my doctor neighbour for a prescription. This is against the rules but, hey, this is Spain and rules are for other folk. Those without connections. Needless to say, she was happy to give me what I needed. All's well that ends well.

During my hour or so of waiting - and reading - there was a little incident which demonstrated my oft-cited claim that the Spanish are, at the same time, rather inconsiderate of others but, at the same time, the world's best apologisers. When I went up to check the list on the wall, I left a magazine on my chair. As I returned, I saw a woman remove it and put in on the adjacent chair. As I picked it up to sit down, she said she hadn't realised it was my chair and apologised profusely. I said it didn't matter but, nonetheless, she got up and went to sit elsewhere. Next to her husband. Don't ask me.

More seriously . . . It's been suggested that the Germans know all about corruption in 'dishonest, lying, lazy' Greece because it's mainly German companies who've indulged in it. And on a massive scale. See here.

Talking of Germany . . . Here's a blog which highlights a fascinating prediction made by a lawyer there in 1997. It also lists the Ten Big Lies Told to Germans to Keep the European Dream Alive. Rather chilling, if not totally surprising.

Finally . . . Seagulls are rarely amusing but here's one that's raised a lot of laughs.


Sierra said...

Isn't there a provision on the Sergas website for renewing electronic prescriptions? Also for a telephone consultation for simple matters?

Colin Davies said...

I though so but couldn't find it on the web page. Maybe it only applies if you have a electronic card, or whatever they're called. I though about going and talking to the receptionist or even just phoning but decided to make the appointment and to use the wait to read Private Eye.

Maria said...

On the web page you have to click on "cita previa". You just need your regular card with the numbers on it. But you can't renew any prescription without talking with your doc. Generally a phone appointment is enough to renew.

Colin Davies said...

Thanks, Maria. Do you mean a phone appointment with the doctor? I guess you do.

Colin Davies said...

Just went through the phone appointment process and was given time slots for next Wednesday, in 5 days time. By wich time I'll have been without my tablets for 9 days . . . Easier to get them from my neighbour.

Maria said...

Ouch. Pontevedra has a longer waiting list than Rianxo. Ask for a six-month supply. The longest automatic renewal used to be a year, now it's six months. If you ask at your usual pharmacy, I'm sure they´ll loan you a box until you get your prescription. I do that whenever my health card runs out of automatic renewals and I haven't asked the doc for a new supply. I explain to the pharmacist, they give me a box on faith, and when I get the prescription I take the card to him, have that box knocked off and pay.