Monday, October 19, 2015

Bullfighting; Shopping; The EU; & Smartphones.

BULLFIGHTING: With this minority interest dying as an art form, desperate measures are called for. At least from a right-wing government. So it is that the education ministry is considering the inclusion of the subject in the post-16 curriculum. Only in Spain?

SHOPPING: This is always hit and miss in Spain - for me at least. Especially when so many places have closed. A success rate of 50% is my norm. But I had a new experience yesterday - the key-cutting kiosk was open but there was no one behind the counter. But he turned up just as I was leaving. BTW - The latest shop to close is the one where I used to go for specialist bulbs and fuses. Onwards and downwards.

THE EU: Funny how left-wing parties love the EU when one of its singular achievements has been to make the rich (northern) states richer and the poor (southern) states poorer. I guess it makes sense to someone.

FINALLY . . . SMARTPHONES: Don't you just hate their magnetic qualities? The only solution is to switch them off for long periods, leaving you incommunicado. Which rather defeats their purpose, of course.

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