Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Middle East: Debate: JC: & Crushed eggs

THE MIDDLE EAST: For those who want to better understand the ambitions of modern Iran, I recommend Tom Holland's 'In the Shadow of the Sword' - a rivetting read which primarily addresses the origins of the 3 Semitic religions and their overlaps. With many surprises. 

DEBATE : Nice to note the Romans had the same phrase as the ubiquitous Spanish 'Y tu mas' - 'Et tu quoque'. 'You too'. Those emotional Latins, eh?' 

JC: These are the initials shared by Jeremy Corbyn and the (alleged) son of the Christian god. 'Private Eye has obtained the report from 'The Biblical Times' which I've tried to reproduce below for students of the British political scene. 

FINALLY . . . For those interested in 'crushed eggs', the Spanish menu entry was 'Huevos estrellados'.


Perry said...

'In the Shadow of the Sword'

I agree & have just loaned my copy to a close friend.

Eamon said...

Y tu más and et tu quoque are not the same in meaning. Quoque means too or also. Et tu magis would be closer to the meaning of y tu más.

Anthea said...

I think I have come across "huevos estrellados" as "huevos rotos", somewhere half way between plain fired eggs and properly scrambled eggs.

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