Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Santiago train crash; Word-eating: Words; & Russia Today.

THE 2014 SANTIAGO TRAIN CRASH: The court has confirmed that the only guilty party was the driver and that the lack of an effective safety system is irrelevant. Which must have come as a relief to government and corporate officials, if they ever were worried about being fingered. On the other hand, relatives of the 80 dead are less than impressed or comforted.

WORD-EATING?: I take it all back. I had to phone 3 companies yesterday about repairs and everything went very smoothly. One company sent an engineer straight away and another will send someone this morning. But it's not all good news. My new wi-fi speed is certainly higher than my old one of 0.5 megas but, at 1.0, it's far from the (still low) 3.0 I was promised. And a visit to my bank yesterday was unproductive. Some days are diamonds . . .

WORDS: Anyone with an interest in UK politics will be aware of the popular compound nouns: - 'Hardworkingfamilies' and 'Poorworkingfamilies'? But will they have noticed what I see as the next buzz-word: 'silo'. You heard it here first.

FINALLY .  . . RUSSIA TODAY. As I write this blog every morning, I have the RT TV program on, as an always-entertaining background noise. I've learned a lot from it and here's just a few of the gems, off the top of my head. More may follow:-
- George Galloway is the best commentator on UK politics.
- The West's emphasis on individualism is pernicious.
- Russia is a misunderstood, peaceable country.
- Russia has never invaded any country.
- There are no Russians in the Ukraine.
- it might well be a Russian missile which brought down the Malaysian plane but it was on obsolete model only deployed by the Ukrainian government.
- Jeremy Corbyn is an admirable politician.
- Mr Putin is a very nice chap, with a superior global perspective.

So, what's there to disagree with?

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