Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Spanish: Corruption; A Sp. breakfast; & Gas smells.

THE SPANISH: On the one hand, they live longer than any others in Europe. On the other, they're among the fattest, with an obesity rate of 24% for those over 18. Pick the meat out of that.

CORRUPTION: The photogenic judge, Mercedes Alaya, has been removed from the big ERE case. I, for one, am not sure why but wonder whether it was because she was too aggressive in pursuit of big names.

A SPANISH BREAKFAST: In a cafe in Segovia, I saw a chap pour vodka into his coffee. I was astonished; it's normally brandy.

FINALLY . . . YES, IT DOES HAPPEN: Smelling gas during the night, a Pontevedra resident lit a match to trace the source. Three people are now recovering in hospital. While their flat is rebuilt.

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