Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Verbalising; Gypsy crooks; Spanish fun quotient; & The Daily Mail.

VERBALISING: Some reckless fool is going to try to put words to the instrumental Spanish national anthem. The last idiot to try this about ten years ago was suffocated by a tsunami of anger and laughter in equal measure from this fractious country's several constituencies.

GYPSIES: The Royal Academy has finally come to its senses and stopped including 'swindlers' as a synonym for these. I can't recall whether or not they've also desisted from including the pejorative meanings of Gallego/Galician that are current in South America.

FUN: Before the last elections, the governing PP party said it would shift Tuesday holidays to Monday, so there'd be fewer 'bridge ' opportunities, when most people take 4 days off. But they didn't. So it'll be business as usual next year. With Spanish employees having more leisure than in most - all? - other EU countries.

FINALLY . . SEXISM: Private Eye asks whether this isn't the most Daily Mail headline ever: 'Rachel Weiss showcases her English-rose beauty in pretty feminine shoot as she discusses sexism in Hollywood'. Probably.


Maria said...

Kids in school here have long ago put words to the anthem, at least one verse. "Franco, Franco, tiene el culo blanco porque su mujer se lo lava con Ariel." It goes on from there with a reference to Juan Carlos, but I don't remember now. Who ever mentioned a lack of invention in youth?

guiriguay said...

"Jodidos, contentos, hermosos esperpentos,
Los españoles vamos a arrasar"
--that's how the anthem should begin. I'm working on the rest.

And hey, Mr Davies, I realise this blog is a bargain at the price, but lately it seems to be dwindling down to a few lines. That would explain all the grumbling.