Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ponters Pensées 30.7.16

NOTE: My laptop fell on the floor yesterday  – off the ironing board – and later gave up the ghost. I’m writing this on my phone, so it will be shorter than usual. I have yet to master writing text on this, so you may well hear me cursing from wherever you are.

SPANISH GOVERNMENT: Should we have  3rd round of elections in November, my suggestion would be that there’s an additional option on the ballot paper: None of the above. Let’s stay with the non-government which has served us well for the last 12 months.

ILLEGAL PROPERTIES: Using satellites and drones, the government has discovered 1.9 million of these. The worst offending regions – in percentage terms – are Extramadura and Galicia, the 2 poorest of Spain’s regions. Which is hardly surprising against the backcloth of very high taxes if ever the government gets involved in transactions of any sort.

TAXPAYER LARGESSE: If you’re a state pensioner here, the government will heavily subsidise your holidays under the IMERSO VIAJES scheme. Need I say that this is designed to help the country’s hotel owners. As if they need this right now. Especially after the latest news of dangers elsewhere – the Zika virus in Florida.

SPANISH TEACHERS: I was with 3 of these yesterday when they all urgently consulted their phones to see where the government would be instructing them to work as of September. Astonishingly, this is only provisional. They won’t find out where they’re actually going to work for another month. Another Franco leftover?

RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA: When I tune into RT TV later this morning I’m sure I’ll find them mocking reports that Moscow has set up a disinformation centre in Scotland.

FINALLY . . . I bought some hiking trousers that I liked so much I ordered a second pair yesterday. Like the first, they have a serious flaw – there are no rips or tears across the knees. So, I’ll have to do this myself if I’m to be 'a la mode'.


Walking down the Street of Bitterness yesterday, I found myself outside the newish Slow City Hostel. Here are some fotos. Or, rather, there aren't. Problems with copying from Word. So, my immediate assessment:-

Pretty cheap. At 17.50-20 euros a night, year round.
Super location. Quiet street. Close to my favourite tapas bar. Right in the centre of the old quarter.
Very pleasant owners.
Very clean.

None so far. Shared cooking and bathing facilities, perhaps. But it is a hostel. It’s fully booked at the moment, so you'll need to reserve if you’re thinking of a visit later in the year.


Perry said...


1) Commiserations over your recently departed laptop. I hear your invective from here. I received a cascaded IPad Air yesterday, courtesy of my youngest son, who paid for it. I found out that I can answer Skype with PC & IPad simultaneously, but with different pictures. My head on the IPad & caller on PC monitor. Oh what fun!

2) Give up on those rotters at RT. Peruse

The news about American General Joseph Dunford travelling to Ankara has not reached the UK dead tree press yet.

3) Slow City Hostel. At those prices, I'd consider living there, permanently! I'd be quids in, paying only 7280 Euros per year, including fresh bedding. Wow!

Perry said...

Anyone for tennis?

Perry said...

There were media reports that Russia could have intercepted radio transmissions by the coup plotters, and tipped off President Erdogan. The Kremlin denied that Russia warned Turkey of an imminent military coup. Nonetheless, on July 23, the Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Russia was one of the countries that greatly helped during the failed coup attempt.

If Russia did warn Turkey of the upcoming coup, the warning was probably sparked by the Kremlin’s opposition against perceived Western meddling and attempts of regime change. Turkish President Erdogan was seen as an arch-enemy in the Kremlin just a few weeks ago. And if Russia did prefer not to allow Erdogan’s demise, there are a lot more reasons for Moscow to interfere in the post-Soviet states so as to counter regime change plots.

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