Sunday, November 03, 2019

Thoughts from Heald Green, Cheshire, England: 3.11.19

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable.   
                  Christopher Howse: A Pilgrim in Spain
Spanish Politics
The Spanish Economy  
Spanish Life
Galician Life 
  • If you've read that article, you'll know that Alcampo is one of the cheapest supermarket chains and that the cheapest of their stores is in the Vigo barrio of Coia.
  • You'll also know that Galicia is the most economical region for grocery shopping, whilst the Balearics and Cataluña are the most expensive.
  • A nice development for the region.
Pontevedra Life
  • Traditionally, the police have turned a blind eye to cyclists and e-scooterists on the pavements, whether inside the pedestrianised areas or outside them. Even to idiots weaving in and out of groups of kids at speed. It'll be interesting to see if any of these maniacs get fined along with - inevitably - the car drivers who move at 11kph. I suspect 
UK Politics
  • It's very possible that Johnson will lose his parliamentary seat in London, meaning that he'd not be able to sit in the Commons even if the Conservatives win the December election . As someone as said: This would make a fitting end to the year in which British politics truly went deranged.
  • It’s truly surreal to see Nigel Farage oppose Brexit. There’s only one possible reason for his refusal to back Boris’s deal: ego. Nigel is a very talented politician but anyone who works with him will tell you he is his own worst enemy and his ego has got the better of him.” His egotism is on a scale exceeded only in Hollywood or the current White House. And it's clear from his assertions that he is losing grip on reality.
  • Ffart has managed a turnover rate of 80% among his top staff.  Who are/were 'only the very best', of course. And 9 of his cabinet of 15 have gone. Some achievement.
The Way of the World
  • A couple of nice quotes:-
  1. The woke generation has created a cult of purity.
  2.  Political scientists define devoted supporters of Farage, Trump and Corbyn as "low-trust" voters, who believe nothing they hear on the news. And yet they turn as trusting as children when their great leaders lead them on.
  • In that book I recommended you don't buy, the pirate Francis Drake is correctly said to be called El Draque in Spanish, this being the way his name is pronounced in Spanish. The author adds that it means 'The Dragon' and reflects the hatred of him in Spain. I doubt that the first half of this contention is true. 
Finally . . .
  • I wonder how one would feel if one had spent 50,000 quid to see England humiliated by South Africa in the rugby World Cup final yesterday. I guess it depends on what percentage this is of your income or your assets.
  • As for the team's performance - contrasting rather a lot with the demolition of New Zealand last week - the best quote in today's papers is: England saved their worst for last. Inexplicably.


Anthea said...

I read that the Spanish gave Drake the nickname “EL Draco” based on the Latin for dragon but “el Draque” is most difintely not Spanish for dragon,

Perry said...

How much money does Román Rodríguez, minister for culture and tourism in the regional government have? There are 550 facsimiles available, at only £7,950 each. Published as a sumptuous facsimile after five and a half years in the making, the Kennicott Bible facsimile, inspired and enthusiastically supported by the late David Patterson, was acclaimed by many libraries, including the Bodleian Library (see letter), as the best quality that had ever been achieved in a facsimile. This was partly due to the excellent condition of the original manuscript, but to a greater extent to the undiminishing quest for perfection at every stage of its reproduction.

In High Wycombe there are two Aldi outlets & one, soon to be two, Lidl outlets. There is a Sainsburys, a Waitrose, an Asda, a Tesco, an M&S & umpteen other local ethnic supermarkets. I have no loyalty to any of then, as we cook here & do not eat ready made meals. We make 4 trips per year to at Park Royal for oriental condiments & fill our freezer with giant frozen prawns.

Frozen petit pois from Tesco are a real bargain. I doubt we could save much as we often entertain. Food & wine etc costs about £100 per week, without all the other necessities of life & we are sensible with money. Fuel costs really irritate me, because of the un-necessary ***king "green " taxation that we are forced to pay. It doubles the cost of electricity & gas & for no purpose, but leftist dogma. I hope this technology is viable.

This evening, I watched this conversation. Good sense on both sides. I applaud this message.

Perry said...

Good mental health requires knowing & understanding the truth about life. Freddie Bennett's epitaph. "Snowflake".

If only!