Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Thoughts from Heald Green, Cheshire, England: 5.11.19

Spanish life is not always likeable but it is compellingly loveable.   
                  Christopher Howse: A Pilgrim in Spain
Spanish Politics 
  • The Corner takes a look at the looming elections here and here. I think we can be confident the the November results will resolve nothing other than how large Spain's far right party is. Not a nice prospect.
The Spanish Economy
  • The private airline, Air Europa, will shortly be under new ownership. Whether this is the IAG Group or Iberia depends on whether you read the British (and international?) news or the Spanish news. Either way, it's a major development for Madrid's airport.
Spanish Life
Galician Life
  • As this bit of nonsense is in Galicia somewhere, I can't help wondering if it's near the family estate of the car-hating mayor of Pontevedra city.
  • Some cynics have suggested it's the result of a ‘contract of brothers-in-law’ - un contrato de cuñados. Who'd be surprised? It's a question that occurs to me quite often.
The EU
  • It's not only in Spain that a far fight party is gaining strength. The German AfD party is way ahead of the game.  
  • When you’re willing to put someone and their family in harm’s way in order to defend your hero, you’re not a politician or a pundit, you’re a cult member. Blog post here.
The Way of the World
  • In Glasgow university, students are given ‘trigger warnings’ about potentially upsetting scenes in classic fairytales. Lecturers admitted students were cautioned about ‘violent material’ in the stories by the Brothers Grimm. You almost have to laugh.
Social Media 
Nutters Corner
  • Fox News continues to promote the most laughable and inane conspiracy theories as a way to defend Donald Trump against impeachment. On Fox Business’ Maria Bartiroma’s show, a far-right crackpot claimed that the House impeachment inquiry is really a secret ritual carried out by a cult, with Nancy Pelosi as the high priestess and Adam Schiff the high priest leading the ritual. BUT . . . This guy is an amateur. No pedophilia accusations? No human sacrifice claims? No demon possession?  A real right-wing crackpot would have made all those accusations and more, especially if they’re going to invoke Hillary Clinton, the great Jezebel of modern American politics. 
Finally . . .
  • I ordered something from Amazon for delivery here in the UK. But, distracted by the Amazon Prime free offer trick, I failed to change the default delivery address. Last night I was informed it'd be going to my home in Pontevedra today and given the chance to change this. Even though I immediately tried to do this, I was told it was too late. So, what was the point of the option? Technology gone irritatingly mad. Now I have to embroil my neighbour in this mess. Or at least try to. I suspect it'll end up back in the UK!


Maria said...

Where we live we have no sidewalks, though they've been promised for years. We do have a crosswalk, though. The only problem is, to get to it, we have to walk along the right side of the road, which is against traffic law. Pedestrians must always walk facing oncoming traffic where there are no sidewalks. To be sure, it was done under the Socialists, not the Bloque currently in power. I guess a crosswalk was cheaper than a sidewalk.

Eamon said...

Very interesting today in the blog with comment from María and Colin's input. Crosswalks instead of sidewalks! Perhaps this is Spain's equivalent of "crop circles".

Colin Davies said...

Eamon . . I think pavement is sidewalk and zebra crossing is crosswalk. For Americans pavement is tarmac .

Eamon said...

Colin that is correct, however, I was referring to María having a zebra crossing instead of being provided with a pavement which is what she really needs but I should have made it more clearer.